ADC – 66 Conveyor

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HIGH or LOW temp the ultimate choice…

  • Reliable pre-wash
  • Unrivaled cleaning ability
  • Best performance of all listed 66″ conveyors
  • Rated for dual sanitizing
  • 66% less water than industry average
  • 244 racks per hour -.49 gallons water per rack
  • Auto fill and shut-off standard

Water Curtain Rinseability

  • Activates prior to final rinse
  • initiates the rinsing process and acts as a shield

Captive end caps

  • Flips open, snaps shut
  • Quick fast clearing of spray arms
  • Shortens the cleaning process & eliminates down time


Fail-Safe Conveyor System

  • Stops rack movement
  • Once removed operation easily resumes
  • Eliminates damaged racks

Pre-Wash Scrap Basket

  • V construction
  • Keeps soil in tray
  • Protects pump

Drain Pump Filter

  • 2 stage PUMPSTRAINER
  • Eliminates wash pump obstructions and clogged jets
  • Functions as drain stopper


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